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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – 4th March 2021 – Table and Thyme is pleased to share that they have partnered with the Church of the Highlands to deliver 4,300 grazing boxes for their Annual Marriage Conference. This event allows couples to spend some time together with great food and a great atmosphere. Table & Thyme is known throughout the Birmingham area for its Grazing Boxes. This concept was inspired by the idea that a full catering spread or charcuterie table might not be ideal for a particular occasion. Instead of setting up a full grazing table, they packaged up individual servings for all the conference participants.

The First Thing We Had to Ask Ourselves is Can We Do This?

Packaging up 4,300 individual items in time for an event is a tall order for even the largest catering companies in our area. Logistically, Table and Thyme had to figure out how many people it would take to prepare the food in 24 hours or less. In total, there were:

  • 8,600 freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies
  • 8,600 snickerdoodle cookies
  • 600 pounds of yogurt covered pretzels
  • 8,600 salted caramels
  • 8,600 chocolate brownies

Along with many other offerings in each box. According to Thomas Cox, the owner of Table and Thyme, “One of the most important things we’ve learned is, how to do a mass quantity but also to keep the same quality per box.” Watch the video below to see how the Table and Thyme team was able to expertly pull of this local catering feat with ease:

For anyone in the area interested in trying out the offerings from Table and Thyme, custom graze boxes are available upon request by visiting the Table and Thyme website.

Brunch Boxes

The Brunch boxes, for instance, are packed with wholesome food options such as assorted fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, and breads such as croissants, mini donuts, cinnamon rolls, yogurt, granola, jelly, and their famous chocolate chip cookies. 

Available in medium and large-sized boxes, they can be customized to include your favorite foods. Perfect for picnics, a girl’s getaway, camping, date night gifts, and more, these boxes will surely spread smiles and health at the same time. While the mini graze boxes start at $29.00, the graze letter and number boxes are available at $39.00.

Kids’ Graze Box

The kids’ graze box is an instant hit with many of the local parents around Birmingham when it’s time for a birthday party. These boxes are priced at $109.00 and include a mix of healthy snacks and sweets. 

One box is suitable for around 15 to 18 grazers and comes with a mix of colorful fruits, veggies, breads, crackers, cheese, kid-friendly dips, chocolate chip cookies, 3 meats and a variety of sweet treats.


Traditional Grazing Boxes for 15 to 18 Grazers

The Traditional Graze Box is priced at $109.00 and it’s one of the most popular choices on the menu. While these boxes are known for their design and presentation, they are also famous for the spread itself.

This box is suitable for 15 to 18 grazers and includes an assortment of fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese, crackers, nuts, olives, pickles, dips, sweet treats, and chocolate chip cookies; finished off with fresh herbs and greenery for decoration.

The Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie by Table and Thyme

Their signature chocolate chip cookies need a special mention here as well. Available in 12, 24 and 36 count options, these freshly baked cookies are a decadent treat.

some of the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies by Table and Thyme.

Shipped right to the door, these cookie tins also make great housewarming gifts or even wedding shower gifts. 

A Custom Whole Bean Coffee Blend by Table and Thyme

Customers might also want to check out Table and Thyme’s custom house whole bean coffee blend made with lightly roasted cocoa and almonds. And for those who want to get an idea of how the graze boxes would look like, check out the grazing table gallery on the website. 

About Table and Thyme 

Table and Thyme was created by Thomas Cox, founder of MealFit and a passionate chef. This catering company is known for its exotic array of grazing tables to suit any event. They cater to weddings, corporate events, private events, and any other event.



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