Summer’s in full swing and in Alabama that means 100 degree plus days with relative humidity levels being about what you’d expect to find at the bottom of a swimming pool. If you’re looking for energy-saving tips to keep your home cool for the rest of the season, we’ve got you covered.


Fight the Humidity


More than just heat, it’s the humidity that makes you feel miserable in the afternoon. If your air conditioner seems to cut off too soon and not really cool down the house like you’d like, consider adding a dehumidifier. You can purchase one for $200 or less at your local retail hardware store and they help your central AC unit by removing moisture from the air. You might find yourself tolerating higher temperatures inside the house if you can just keep the humidity under control.


Fight the Heat


Have your AC system inspected and cleaned before the end of spring each year. Be sure to also change out your air filter regularly because it will help your system to run a little more efficiently. Aside from that, you should consider your roof and attic. That’s where you will have the most effect on summertime temperatures by ensuring there’s adequate ventilation and insulation.


Make sure your attic vent fan is rated to handle the square footage of your house. If your insulation isn’t at least to the top of your joists, consider purchasing some spray-in cellulose based insulation. Most big-box hardware stores will rent you the sprayer for free if you purchase a minimum amount of insulation.


Remember, your roof and attic are the main source of heat in the summer for one reason: There’s a constant barrage of solar radiation hitting your roof each and every day.


attic insulation


Fight the Sun


Finding creative ways to keep the sunlight from heating up your home can be a challenge. However, there are a few things you can do like planting tall shrubs or smaller ornamental trees on the south facing side of your home. If you have the money to invest in your home, a green roof can also be a big energy saver in the south. Green roofs provide a layer of living vegetation and soil between the sunlight and your home which can greatly reduce heat absorption.


If you have windows facing south, they are going to be getting most of the solar rays each day. Consider having a low E solar film installed by a professional window company like Oak Mountain Glass. They can also inspect your windows to see if it makes sense to upgrade to a double or even triple pane window.


Once you’ve done everything you can for your windows, consider adding another layer of protection. Heavy blinds or curtains can add another layer of protection against the sun and help cool your home down significantly. Plus, UV rays can be harmful to furniture over time, so there’s yet another advantage to blocking those sizzling rays.


solar rays through a window


Keeping your home cool and saving on your electricity bill just requires a little thought and planning. Consider having a professional do a full energy audit for even more summertime savings.