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Looking for a tasty treat around Birmingham? From ice cream cakes to cookie cakes and cupcakes, here are Birmingham’s top bakeries in 2018!


Edgar’s Bakery

Why this couldn’t be “Top Bakeries in Birmingham” if we didn’t mention Edgar’s! Everyone from Birmingham knows about the delectable treats found inside these four walls. Ranking five out of five stars, Edgar’s delivers delicious goodies to the stomachs of sweet tooth hungry Birmingham residents every day and manages to keep customer service and delicious baked goodies their top priority. If you find yourself near Colonnade Parkway, don’t pass up the golden opportunity for a delicious cheese straw or cheese danish!


Pastry Art Bake Shop

Okay, okay, okay. Anyone who likes baked goods will absolutely adore our favorite Pastry Art Bake Shop! This place is packed to the brim with delicious goodies you just can’t resist! This place gets a five out of five on Trip Advisor and a ten out of ten for us sweet-things-obsessed foodies. Stop in and let us know what you recommend in the comments!



We swear it’s almost as if this place fell out of a dream. Literally. With cupcakes to die for and cakes to smile at, you’ll be ready to dig in the minute you pass through the door. Oh yeah, and when you’re out and about watch out because they’ve got a winning cupcake truck that’s impossible to resist. So yeah. If you happen to drop in, we recommend the caramel sea salt mocha cupcake. It just doesn’t disappoint.


The Heavenly Donut Company

Great, now my mouth is watering.

If you’re looking for a delicious and literally heavenly donut or fritter, the Heavenly Donut Company has your back. Conveniently located on Cahaba River Road, the Heavenly Donut Company makes life so much sweeter with their little taste of heaven. Life is sweeter when you have donuts, right?


There’s lots of wonderful bakeries to choose from in our growing, home sweet Birmingham! Don’t miss out on all the goodies our city has to offer this Summer. Stop in and let us know which bakery is the absolute best and what menu item you liked the best.