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Looking for something fun to do this Friday or Saturday night? Luckily, there’s a ton of fun things to do in the dark and specifically at night in and around the Magic City! Ready for our top picks? Grab a friend and enjoy the nightlife exclusive to Birmingham.


BreakOut Birmingham

If you’re the type to enjoy figuring things out and problem-solving, you’ll enjoy Breakout Games in Birmingham. From wild thrills to crazy twists and turns, you won’t know what to expect next which makes for a perfect evening adventure you and your buddies will never forget.


High Point Birmingham

Ready for a workout and an adventurous climb all locked up into one great night time activity? High Point Birmingham offers exclusive climbing fun for people of all ages. This makes High Point a great place to bring even little ones as there are activities and different levels of difficulty depending on what you’re up to trying. If you’re willing to go to great heights for a night of fun, High Point is definitely the place to be.


Skates 280

Nothing beats the good old rollerblading fun, right? With fun games thrown into music and disco, Skates 280 makes for a great nightlife activity. And if you don’t feel like skating, there’s an arcade, too!


Oak Mountain Lanes

No great evening out with friends is complete without bowling, right? I mean can anything beat the sport that allows you to eat while you play?? I didn’t think so.

Oak Mountain lanes is perfect for the whole family or even just you and your buddies. And whether you can get a strike or not, we guarantee this place is a winner.


If you’re a night owl and like exploring the Magic City at night, we hope this list of activities can keep you busy till the sun comes up or at least until the Firework show at Vulcan, which, by the way, is another incredible night time Birmingham activity you won’t want to miss!