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If you’re the type that likes to wander around and find new places to work and study that aren’t the dorm or your apartment, this post is just for you. Whether you be craving an outdoor setting, a quiet reflective environment or just anywhere with a plate of food and something to drink, Birmingham has it all. Ready to explore the streets of Downtown and discover the best places for laptops, notebooks, and students? Oh yeah, and don’t worry. All of these great locations have WIFI, which, in our modern age is an absolute must!

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The Library at the Botanical Gardens

Hey, hey, hey! A garden with WIFI?? That’s right. Birmingham’s favorite botanical gardens has a library with free wifi and the wifi reaches outside!! So if you’re looking for peace, quiet and the great outdoors, this spot is perfect.

Revelator Coffee

Excuse me, but, did someone say…coffee?? Revelator Coffee is a fantastic and laid back type of coffee shop, which makes it perfect for freelancing and studying alike. Grab your cup of joe, watch the world go by and enjoy studying in the peaceful and blissful atmosphere.

Our Favorite Vulcan Park

A good view, there’s free internet and it’s right in the heart of Birmingham. What more can we ask for? Settle down on the patio overlooking the city and enjoy a gentle breeze on the mountain while you study away. – Vulcan Park Website

Birmingham Museum of Art

Confession: This venue should’ve been at the top.

Who doesn’t love sitting in a room surrounded by beautiful art while they’re studying?? I mean, do I even have to mention the fact that there is free wifi, free parking, and free admission? I didn’t think so.


With so many perfect spots for studying around Birmingham, you’ll fall in love with it again and again. From coffee shops to libraries to parks, we guarantee there’s no lack of exciting places to research your history or science paper. And hey, the best places to study in Birmingham make even studying seem like a vacation, don’t you think?