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Best Places to work remotely


If you were ever a cubicle dweller, you probably know how desirable a job working remotely might seem. However, to those of us who have already crossed the ocean to being a freelancer or a small business owner, or even those of us who just prefer a place that isn’t the office- Here are the best places that you can work remotely for optimal productivity.

A Mall Food Court

So long as constant chatter and ambient noise don’t bother you, a mall food court can be a fun and invigorating place to put your brain to work. You’ll have food, an opportunity to meet new people and you can even go window shopping when it’s time for a break! The one downside to this is if you plan on making phone calls, the noise level can be pretty frustrating.

Hotel Lobbies

Okay, so this may sound strange, but a hotel lobby is a really wonderful place to work remotely. It’s quiet, sometimes there’s coffee, a nice view and great furniture. Plus, there’s typically free wifi, and if there’s a lock on it, nine out of ten times the staff will give you the passcode if you ask.

The Library

If you don’t have to make phone calls, the library is a wonderful place to stay productive and on top of the work game. Rest assured there’s definitely less distraction and it’s significantly quieter than all of coffeeshops that everyone is flocking to these days.

Public Parks

If you can find a good internet connection, a public park offers a serene and productive environment for work that few places can provide in quite the same way. When your legs need stretching, take a walk. Find a nice spot under a tree to work in the shade. Enjoy hearing the birds and get that tan you’ve wanted all your life!

Go Where The Food Is

Pretty much any place that offers food and alcohol is a great place to work. Just be sure it isn’t too loud for what you need to do and that you can access the internet without too much trouble.


There are tons of fantastic places that offer great environments to work remotely while allowing you to embrace your goal for optimal productivity and less distraction. In the end, find what works best for you and what helps you stay on course. Whether it’s your favorite art museum or the coffee shop down the street, if you’re happy and productive then you’ve found the perfect place. Now go get ‘em!

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Infographic on best places to work remotely