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Stories that Keep Audiences Focused on Topics that Truly Matter, Highlighting Issues such as Gender Equality, Climate Action, Quality Education, Good Health, and More

1st March 2021 – iPondr, a brand new digital media company on a mission to Build a Kinder America, is pleased to announce the launch of its website. iPondr brings human-centered storytelling  about topics that really matter. From Women at Work to Dimensions of Health, iPondr looks to the United Nations’ Global Goals as guideposts when deciding what stories to tell and focus on. iPondr is committed to raising up new voices, and exploring overlooked topics through facts-based journalism. The team of award-winning journalists and storytellers at iPondr explore the most relevant issues in the United States and narrate stories using a human-centric approach that makes every story personal. 

How the Global Goals Address Challenges We All Face

In 2015, 193 UN members agreed on a list of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals,” also known as “The Global Goals.” These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality, addressing the urgency of climate change and more. The journalists at iPondr use the Global Goals as a main point of reference to stay focused on topics that truly matter.

iPondr Brings Awareness with Human-Focused Storytelling

The iPondr website features topics centered around Gender Equality (#5), Quality Education (#4), Good Health & Wellbeing (#3), Climate Action (#13), along with the full list of issues encompassed by the 17 Global Goals. iPondr tags these stories with the corresponding goals for the purpose of accountable reporting on relevant issues, and to measure collective progress in understanding complex topics. 

The iPondr website is an easy-to-use, highly interactive platform. The reaction tools at the end of every story allow the audience to track their understanding and personal journey around specific issues. Audiences can respond to each story by clicking on “I live it”, “I get it”, “Working on it” or “I don’t see it.” Each member has a profile in which they can see their responses to different types of stories and observe patterns and progress of their individual understanding over time. 

By removing personal information and pooling together all member feedback, iPondr can also measure opinions and sentiment change against the Global Goals to get a collective understanding of these topics. They can then share this data with nonprofits, universities, foundations, and businesses to help these organizations make informed decisions on what projects and initiatives to fund, invest or focus on. In this manner, iPondr hopes to foster social intelligence and accelerate positive change.

Since its launch in January, iPondr has won four AVA Digital Awards. The audio pieceThe journey of a BIPOC stage manager on Broadway” and the episode “Jan. 6: Can we talk, America?” won platinum awards, while iPondr’s “Data for Good” video explaining its use of member feedback for social change won gold. The photo series “Crowning glory: What a Black woman’s hair says about her” received an honorable mention.

To learn more visit https://ipondr.com/  

About iPondr 

iPondr is a brand new media company that tells America’s authentic stories through audio, photography, video, and narrative journalism. The stories are based on global goals that reflect issues such as gender equality, good health & wellbeing, quality education, climate action, and many more. 



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