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It’s wedding season! And with wedding planning comes planning for the perfect photographer for such a wonderful event! Today, we’ve compiled some favorite photographers from in and around Birmingham that can take some smashing good pictures of couples who are tying the knot! Are you looking for some recommendations? Keep reading to see our favorites!

Matt Kendall Photography

Matt is happy to provide both photography & videography services for commercial and wedding inquiries!  He offers a wide variety of packages that are sure to fit any budget. Matt is known for his creative and unique photos but more than that, he provides an experience. Matt’s favorite part of the job is when you see your wedding photos for the first time and  the feeling of joy it brings. He loves to capture those cherished moments and ensure that each couple is happy with their pictures. Here’s an example of some of the work you can expect from Matt Kendall:

Chelsea Ray Photography

Don’t let wedding stress keep you from having a picture-perfect wedding with memories that once captured, will take your breath away years down the road. Hiring the right wedding photographer who is skilled in the craft can help ease some of that burden of anxiety. And if you’re looking for someone who’s down-to-earth and passionate about their job, you should definitely check out Chelsea Ray. Her undeniable skills with a camera can give you the assurance you need to trust that your wedding memories are going to be captured perfectly. So, if you’re interested in making your wedding even more special, head over to Chelsea Ray’s website! You can find some amazing ideas and more information on how she can make your dream wedding come to life!


Arden Photography

With a 2016 rating as the top B&B business, Arden Photography is known for being one the best in Birmingham. Voted best on Wedding Wire by Vendors, their reputation continues to soar as they delight clients with stunning colors and precious, one-of-a-kind captures that only weddings can bring. Every moment is given that special and unforgettable touch, making Arden Photography the perfect choice for your special day. Don’t hesitate in hiring them to capture all the beauty and wonder of your dream wedding!


Emily Rose Photography

If you’re searching for someone to capture your special moments professionally, Emily Rose is your girl! She’s not only a talented photographer, but also incredibly fun and easy going, making it easy to relax and capture candid moments you’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding or a magnificent church wedding, Emily has the skills and experience to deliver stunning photos that are true to your vision. Plus, with a passion for adventure, she’s even up for capturing beautiful elopements! Take a look at her website for inspiration and ideas, and remember that Emily can do more than just wedding photography. She’s available for all your photography needs!

Meghan Murphy Photography

Are you looking for bursts of color and the perfect posing? Maybe you’re into the fairytale sort of wedding and want pictures that tell your story without words? Whatever it is you’re looking for, Meghan can deliver above and beyond when it comes to your wedding. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t just do weddings. If you want an engagement session or a family photo session,  she’s got you covered for that, too.


Jennifer Woodbery Photography

This superwoman with a camera can make even the most stressful wedding days into blissful havens of memories you won’t forget. Just relax and let her capture those moments you’ve worked so hard to create.


Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

Leslie is a professional photographer who has been featured on numerous wedding sites and forums for her exceptional work. In fact, vendors voted her the best photographer on B&B in 2017! You can trust Leslie to capture your big day with style and zing, creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, she also offers engagement photos, so you can cherish memories of your journey to “I do” too!


Say Bre Photography

Whether you’re looking forward to a town wedding or a farm wedding, Say Bre Photography believes in only bringing the best to your wedding and reception. Highly recommended by Birmingham residents, Say Bre will make sure to capture the lovely and momentous moments from that walk down the aisle to the very first kiss. If you’re worried about finding a photographer you can count on, say no more because Say Bre is here for you.


Dens Lens Photography 

Are you looking for a photographer with an eye for beautiful things? If you answered yes, Denalyn over at Dens Lens Photography is just the girl for you. Armed with a camera, she can help you save every second of your wedding in the form of gorgeous art you’ll be proud to hang on your walls and…you know…share on Facebook. Check her website out for more ideas on ways she can help you capture your precious memories!

Sorting through photographers trying to find the perfect one can be almost as stressful as planning the wedding itself. Can’t find the perfect photographer for your wedding? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The photographer of your dreams is waiting for you on the other side of the phone; they will guide you to capture the perfect moments that you’ll savor for years to come. Let our professionals take care of the details, while you just relax and say “Cheese!” Are you ready to plan the wedding of your dreams? Let’s do it!