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Did someone say gluten-free pizza?? Did you know that it’s totally possible to eat gluten-free pizza from a fancy or blissfully casual place in Downtown Birmingham? Wondering where you can get a couple slices of delicious gluten-free pizza?? Here’s a list of all of the top spots for Gluten Free Pizza in Birmingham!


Mellow Mushroom

Stone baked and delicious, the Mellow Mushroom offers delicious Gluten Free pizza along with dairy-free pizza and more! Not fancy, totally chill and just plain wonderful, the mellow mushroom will keep you coming back for more again and again.


Pies and Pints

Looking for a delicious pizza that’s gluten-free, affordable and in the heart of the city? Pies and Pints bring incredibly tasty pizza and a relaxing but still upbeat atmosphere to Birmingham. With friendly staff, crispy, warm and delicious crusts with savory sauces and just a little alcohol, Pies and Pints can make any day into the best day.

California Pizza Kitchen


Yep. This winner of a pizza joint also wins a spot on the list of Top Spots for Gluten Free Pizza in Birmingham. And they don’t just serve pizza, either. From excellent service to fantastic wait times, California Pizza Kitchen knows how to make its customers happy. They also keep in mind the idea that cross-contamination can occur when customers are eating Gluten Free, so they make certain that one oven at a time is devoted to just your gluten-free pizza!


Finding good, clean and friendly restaurants that also serve Gluten Free pizza can be difficult and even stressful in some cases. But don’t sweat the stress. We hope our list of top spots for Gluten Free pizza can help you find the perfect place for an after the game celebratory meal, a great date, or just something delicious you’ve wanted to try and haven’t found the right place just yet. All until today, right? Give our Top Spots a test run and let us know what you think!!