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If you’re like most of us in Birmingham, you regularly crave a big, juicy hamburger every now and then. But this brought on an important question and I’m setting out to find the answer.

Where can I get the best hamburgers in Birmingham, AL? From pickles to ketchup, here’s the best Birmingham burgers you can relish in 2018.


Respect the Classics


There are a handful of places in Birmingham that make really good classic burgers. If you’re looking for something that makes you want to step outside in the backyard with a beer and still feel like you can smell the smoke coming off the grill, here are a few places you can get a real classy burger.


  • Saw’s Soul Kitchen

Yeah, okay. I know. Going to Saw’s and not getting that mouthwatering BBQ (Pork and Greens, anyone?) is a total crime, but hey. Saw’s makes one of the best classic burgers in Birmingham and if you can resist that BBQ you need to try it ASAP.


  • The Standard

The Standard at our favorite local Pizitz makes one hell of a classic burger. Juicy and literally mouth-watering, you almost can’t fit your mouth around this one. A little pricey but fortunately well worth every penny.


  • Chris Z’s

This right here is two quarter-pound patties, mustard, mayo, onion, pickles, lettuce, and tomato, as well as just a dab of Chris’ famous sauce. If you don’t come back for seconds in the weeks following the celebration you’re going to have over this burger, your taste buds might be broken. Birmingham just can’t get enough of the classic burgers coming out of this seemingly simple burger joint and we know you won’t either.

Fancy That

When it comes to fancy burgers, there’s quite a few places that pop up in our heads around Birmingham. From mouth-watering and stacked up a story high to fresh tomato and hot melting cheese, here are our favorite fancy burger places all around Birmingham:


  • Shindigs

A combination of sharp gorgonzola cheese, sweet seasonal mostarda, peppery arugula and applewood-smoked bacon all piled onto double patties, (which are 100% grass fed beef, people!) on a wonderfully moist sweet potato bun don’t even begin to describe just how good this fancy burger is. And if you really want to go above and beyond, get an order of truffle fries to go along for the ride. This burger just doesn’t disappoint.


  • Paramount

Doesn’t the name just say it all??

There’s nothing better than a Paramount burger. Probably the fanciest burger in Birmingham all the way from the taste to the presentation, a Paramount burger consists of two house-ground beef patties, both American and Mozzarella cheese, corned beef, pickles, a smashed crispy risotto ball, garlic mayonnaise and hot sauce. In addition, right on top under the bun is a beautifully fried farm egg. If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy fancy burger in Birmingham, this baby wins the prize every single time.


  • Chez Fon Fon

What can possibly be fancier than eating at a delicious French Bistro?

Chef Frank Stitt has the art of a perfect burger cooked over an open flame down to a simplistic and equally fancy science at his wonderful and cozy French bistro.


From totally out of the box surprise burgers to classic burgers, Birmingham gets the prize hands down every time.

Downtown looking for a bite to eat? Stop in at one of our favorite burger joints and let us know what you think!