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Birmingham can be an extremely fun place to rent an Uber or Lyft in because there is a wide range of activities for both kids and adults to do there. Whether it is your grandkids, or a group of close friends, you will find something of interest in Birmingham. Here’s a roundup of our favorite places to visit in Birmingham.


  1. Vulcan Park – This is definitely one of the places you shouldn’t miss whenever you’re in Birmingham simply because it offers an awesome view of the city from the statue. The view is breathtaking, even from the car, and the museum will be thoroughly enlightening.


  1. Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs – This is not your typical tourist attraction, but we couldn’t help ourselves! We felt that we had to include it into our favorite Birmingham spots. Their hot dogs are totally scrumptious and mouth-watering. It’s very hard to resist a second or third helping, be warned!


  1. The Jazz Café – If there was one place we can call the ‘best kept secret of Birmingham’, it would be The Jazz Café. So, if you’re into bluesy music and a jazzy atmosphere, you ought to make your way here by Lyft or Uber. This place may not be the biggest in Birmingham, but the music and atmosphere there is definitely going to make the trip worthwhile.


  1. The McWane Center – If you have restless kids (or adults) make your way to the McWane Center! You’ll absolutely love the IMAX Dome Theatre experience!  There is always a wide variety of IMAX movies and science exhibits to check out. So many people from all over the country make their way to The McWane Center throughout the year, specifically for the hands-on/visual experience that it offers.


  1. Zoolight safari – This Birmingham tourist attraction is a must-see because this is where you get to see thousands of lights on display, walk through the zoo grounds, and enjoy musical and animal demonstrations. If you get tired walking around the vast grounds of the zoo, you can hop on the ZooLight Express Train. The kids will love the ride, whether they’re tired or not. The staff of the Birmingham ZooLight Safari should be commended for keeping the zoo absolutely spotless.


There you have it, our top five favorite Uber or Lyft destination hotspots for Birmingham Alabama. And if you’d like to get a car of your own to explore the city further, be sure to check out our recent post on the top local dealerships in the area.