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It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the green clothes, make some shamrock shapes, and get ready to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! If you’re lucky enough to be in Birmingham, Alabama for a holiday, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a guide to all the best local events in and around the city.

The Birmingham Parade

No St Patrick’s Day would be complete without a parade, and Birmingham’s parade will not be missed! The parade route runs through downtown, starting at 11am on March 17th. Be sure to get there early to snag a good spot! The parade usually lasts around two hours, and it’s always a lot of fun.

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After the Parade

Once the parade is over, there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy. If you’re looking for something low-key, why not head over to one of Birmingham’s many Irish pubs? Innisfree Pub and The Red Shamrock Pub are both great options. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more festive, you can check out the St Patrick’s Day Festival at Linn Park. There will be live music, food trucks, and plenty of green beer!

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Whether you’re Irish or just enjoy celebrating St Patrick’s Day, Birmingham is the place to be. With its annual parade and numerous other festivities, there’s something for everyone. So put on your greenest clothes and get ready to have a blast!