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Background: Marketing Doctor executes an omnichannel $4M Economic Development Campaign as the Media Agency of Record for a government client. We collaborate with key stakeholders and partners to position the Client as a strategic, supportive location for business expansion and relocation, particularly in the fields of life sciences, autonomous technology, and food innovation.

Approach: Introducing the Client as an advertiser across several new significant markets required a custom media strategy. The strategy focused on generating awareness within a critical business audience, focusing on the Client’s three target industries. As part of the planning process, our media planning team:

1100% Increase in Quality Leads
  • Conducted in-depth research and analysis of priority markets and audiences
  • Developed an omnichannel approach reflective of accumulated audience/market data
  • Negotiated over-delivery on bonus value across traditional media platforms, such as Out-of-Home, TV, and Print
  • Worked with the client to establish an attribution model that best suited their needs, applying a multi-touch approach and ensuring that all user data was captured correctly

Solution: The solution goes beyond implementing an omnichannel media plan.  Through our initial setup of a multi-touch measurement approach, we analyzed campaign results as they came in. We then leveraged that data into a more compelling strategy for the following fiscal year.

Data insights played a primary role in evolving media strategy. For example, we initially planned to run awareness ads on YouTube for a finite period before shifting focus to other digital platforms. However, we recommended an extension when data showed that YouTube had strong engagement rates and drove traffic to the landing page.

With attentive tracking and media measurement tools, we also recognized that incoming leads skyrocketed during the months we ran programmatic advertising. Attributing these results to this campaign tactic, we shifted our plan to focus on ongoing programmatic advertising.

Results: Leads increased by 1,100% from programmatic advertising, as demonstrated in the graph below. The campaigns recorded millions of impressions to a niche, targeted audience gaining unlimited data and creating mass awareness.

Digital value adds you include (but are not limited to):

  • Streaming platform beta test
  • Brand lift study bonus
  • Training from partners at Google

What did over-delivery on bonus value translate into dollar-wise? The Client received over $13M in added value on traditional media alone, therefore more than tripling the budget.

Spikes in leads from Programmatic Advertising
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