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Grab your running shoes because it’s Spring and time to take off those holiday pounds! Because we want to help you get back in shape and finding great places to run is difficult, we’ve compiled a list of the top places to run in Birmingham this Spring. Hope you enjoy!

Railroad Park

Scenic routes, cool trains and the well-known “Magic City Loop” make Railroad Park one of the top picks for places to run in and around Birmingham this Spring. With small slopes and plenty of slight curves, this place is perfect for beginning joggers and even moms or dads with strollers!

Moss Rock Preserve

Moss Rock includes around 12 miles of trails that all connect to form loops through a beautiful wooded nature preserve. The trails are individually color-coded on the map and all are listed as moderate to a challenging difficulty level. If you’re looking for a great scenic route, The white trail offers great views of Tunnel Falls waterfall. The blue trail leads to hills and valleys, and the red trail expands out through cliffs and wetlands. The orange trail is the newest addition to the many trails on the map and it carefully loops through some of the most scenic areas of the park.

Vulcan Trail

Vulcan Trail offers a flat, paved, mile-long trail that runs the length of the ridge of red mountain and just below Vulcan Park and Museum. This is perfect for beginning joggers and runners who enjoy a little peace and quiet while on their morning jog or just a stroll.

Aldridge Gardens

If you’re looking for an easy much less steep and more of a walking-type trail, Aldridge gardens is a perfect place to start. With beautiful scenery, simple trails and fairy houses along the trail for the kids, you won’t want to miss out!

Of course, be sure to consult with a medical professional first before starting any new exercise program!

Do you have a favorite place to run around Birmingham? We’d love to hear your feedback!